Room Bookings


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If you wish to make a booking, you should complete the ‘Application to Hire Church Premises’ and return it to the owners’ agent as detailed below. If the application is accepted, you will receive a copy of the application containing a signed booking confirmation or a confirmation email.

Please only complete the application after reading, understanding and accepting the important documents listed below and satisfying yourself about the suitability of the premises.

Any requested hire charges and any security/key deposit detailed in the booking confirmation must be paid as specified in the confirmation.

Church Policy for Acceptable Use

The Church is pleased to hire out some of its rooms for occasional or regular bookings for a suitable and reputable purpose.  However, the church policy does not permit any activities that involve or are based upon religious practices other than Christian. This includes yoga, martial arts and similar activities. Party-political meetings are also not appropriate. No gambling or activities involving chance for reward (e.g. raffles or tombolas) are allowed.

Meeting Room 1

Room 1 has a seating capacity of 35. Folding tables and stacking chairs are  available. A Hearing Loop is installed

Room 2

Room 2 has a seating capacity of 40. Folding tables and stacking chairs are  available. A Hearing Loop is installed. There is a kitchenette adjacent to this room for tea and coffee making


The hall has a seating capacity of 100. Folding tables and stacking chairs are        available. A Hearing Loop is installed.


The kitchen has a hob and oven cooking facilities, two fridges and a dishwasher. It is        available free for the provision of drinks, but a 30% additional charge will be made         for food preparation, cooking and/or use of the dishwasher. No one under 14 years   of age is allowed into the kitchen.

Worship Area

The Worship Area may be made available for suitable events – please ask our Bookings Secretary

The Worship Area may be available at the discretion of the Elders Meeting. It has a  maximum seating capacity of 165 and is suitable for concerts, conferences and  similar events. An upright piano is available. Audio/visual facilities and, by arrangement, an operator can be available. A Hearing Loop is installed.


Call into the church office between 10-00 am and 12-00 noon for a Booking Form and Conditions of Hire or follow the bookings email link below.

Hall Rooms 1 & 2
Morning £53 £32
Afternoon £53 £32
Evening £84 £55
Morning £63 £42
Afternoon £63 £42
Evening £105 £75
Afternoon £63 £42
Evening £105 £75

Charges are based on hiring for a 4-hour period and are valid for the period from 1st April 2018 to 31st March 2020.

Terms of payment

For one-off bookings payment must be made at least 7 days in advance. A security/key deposit is normally required. For regular hires payment should be monthly in advance or by other agreed arrangement.

Payment may be made by cheque or online payment as detailed in the Booking Confirmation

Suitability and availability

You are advised to check the suitability and availability of the premises and the equipment to be hired (both in terms of specification and hire charges) with the owners’ agent detailed below, before proceeding any further with an application.

Important documents

By making an application, receiving a booking confirmation and using the premises you are accepting the ‘Conditions of Hiring Church Premises’ and the ‘Rules and Regulations’ contained within the application. You should also ensure that you have obtained a copy and understand the owners’ Evacuation and Fire Emergency Plan.

If your organisation has a Safeguarding Policy you will be expected to follow this and provide a copy. This is for record only and the church cannot be responsible for the policy. If you do not have a policy you must agree to operate under the church’s Safeguarding Policy, a copy of which is on display in the Foyer.

Owners’ agent

The Owners’ Agent is the Church Letting Secretary, Mr Mike Garside, who will be your contact for this application. He may be contacted by phone on 023 8086 1381 or via the Church Office at 023 8084 5005 or email at